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Watch the album trailer video containing 1 minute soundbites of each song from ‘Taylor Road’.

KP Taylor Road CD T-Shirt Bundle

Taylor Road – Pre-Order NOW!


The long wait for the new album is almost over. ‘Taylor Road’ is now available for pre-order. As well as the standard album CD there is a ‘Taylor Road’ inspired album T-Shirt and a special bundle package of the CD… read more


Date Venue City Country
15/01/15 Beavers MILTENBERG DE
16/01/15 Raven STRAUBING DE
17/01/15 Die Halle REICHENBACH DE
23/01/15 Blue Notez DORTMUND DE

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Kris Pohlmann was born in England and moved to Germany at the age of 22. He was the front man of the KRIS POHLMANN BAND for 7 years, releasing 2 critically acclaimed albums, winning 6 blues awards, performing at numerous festivals and completing many German & Dutch tours.

In the summer of 2013 Kris decided to disband the trio in order to pursue a solo career and form a new band – harder hitting and more rock focused than ever before. Having gained a name as “one of the most interesting blues-rock artists of this generation” this was a brave step. The result? A new band, a new sound and with “Taylor Road” an album that is by far the best of his young musical career.



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